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Every event has its limit and we understand the value of your money. Because of this, allow our skilled team to negotiate deals on your behalf, thus guaranteeing you receive the most optimal ROI.



Hotel Sourcing

As we are producing international events, we are creating new deals with different prestigious hotels. Our strong relationships with major hotel brands give us leverage to strike bargaining deals or have access to accommodations even during peak season.



Venue Event Evaluation & Sourcing

Every event will need a specific venue, and our team is experts in locating the perfect spot for your next event. We take everything into consideration, looking at location, convenience for attendees, and atmosphere. Through careful evaluation, we can help you determine the venue most suitable for your specific needs.


At Envie, we are always thinking one step ahead. Our professionals look for venues that will add value to your event, considering things like what venue will make for an excellent backdrop or what venue may entice a certain crowd to attend. It is our ultimate goal to pick a venue that will have an impact on your attendees and enhance the experience. It is our job to pick an extraordinary venue that improves your ROI.


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