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Envie is composed of extremely qualified and experienced specialists from all over the globe. From the moment you begin planning your next event, our experts will work diligently on every aspect of the production. Envie’s innovative team will lead you through:


•      Production (concept, consultation, planning, venue selection)

•      Show design and decor

•      Budget control

•      Ticketing and sales

•      Food and beverage management

•      Marketing and communications

•      Sponsorship management

•      Photography and videography

•      International artist handling and talent management

•      Post-event debrief and survey

•      Printing of artwork, all-usage signage, press walls, invitation cards, menus, business cards and brochures

•      Wristbands (RFID), crew uniforms, 3D printing, displays and on-ground fixtures, laminations and mounting services


Our professional team have extensive experience in events and are prepared for any mishap that may occur along the way. If anything should go array, our team is always prepared with a contingency plan for crisis management. It is our job to deliver successful and superb events and we won’t settle for anything short of perfection.


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