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Envie’s 360-degree approach means that everything is done in-house. Because we do not outsource our work, we are able to guarantee the quality of all aspects of production. Our brilliant team is broken down by sections:


Project Management, IP and License Procurement, Marketing, Talent Management, Technical Production, Ticketing, Concept and Show Design, Stage Design and Building.


It is our job to ensure that your event is not just produced with international benchmarks, but is executed to perfection. At Envie, we are always pushing boundaries with our innovative thinking and imaginative entertainment. And in a fast-paced and always changing industry, we are the ones leading the trends with our truly awe-inspiring events.



Envie highly-successful professional team is ready to blow your mind at your next event! Our professionals include venue experts, evaluation specialists, and production and technology whizzes.


Over the years, we’ve developed an extensive network throughout the entire UAE. These relationships we’ve formed ensure you’ll receive the best deals and benefit from our buying power as we’ll do the negotiating on your behalf.

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