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We specialize at producing quality events because we understand the importance of every detail. An event theme goes beyond clever slogans and well-executed branding; it is about executing the complete experiential package for your attendees. Be it a distinguished dinner or highly-anticipated launch event, our team of creators and innovators will help you weave the perfect narrative for a successful event. Our specialists will curate and deliver the quintessential theme for any occasion.



Event Conceptualization


When you chose to embark on your journey with Envie, we will begin by discussing your vision and then begin the process of seeing how we can bring your dream to life. Do you want live performances or an extravagant fireworks show? Bring to us your biggest vision and we will bring it to life in the most unforgettable event. 


Be involved with the project as much or as little as you wish. Simply come to us with your marketing and business needs, your creative and storytelling needs, and the logistical and on-ground needs. Allow us to handle it, or chose to take the journey with us from every stage.



Budgets, Deadlines, and ‘Wow Factor’


Every event has its own goals and will have a business model designed specifically for its needs. Events vary based on budgets, size, and tight deadlines, but our premier partnerships will guarantee you have access to the best suppliers, venues, catering services, security, entertainment and more.


At Envie, our goal is to make magic and that’s why we guarantee to produce an event that will create a lot of buzz. Our creative specialists will use their ingenuity to produce a truly ground-breaking event, while still making sure that your business goals are achieved.




Our specialists are trained to hone in on the most minute details. Small details, such as food and beverage choices and waiters’ outfits, can enhance your event and take it to the next level. It is our goal to give the event your personalized touch and we invite you to partner with us so we can create something truly outstanding together.




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